Veteran MultiSport

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Coaching Plans

1.0 - This is the most basic level of coaching, best for an athlete who does not require frequent communication or feedback from a coach. If your schedule for the year will not change much, and you are looking for some direction in one monthly phone meeting and a custom, online schedule, this level should be perfect.

2.0 - Our most popular plan is the 2.0, offering more contact with your coach. With this plan, athletes can benefit from 2 meetings (1 phone, 1 in person) per month, and your coach will provide weekly feedback based on analysis from your data and performance. This level is nice for those who juggle training with work, family and/or frequent travel.

3.0 - An athlete with aggressive goals and who desires 4 monthly meetings (3 phone, 1 in person) with a coach would enjoy this package. This level includes data analysis and feedback benefitting clients who train with heart rate and/or a power meter. The 3.0 level would also be appropriate for an athlete just entering the sport needing a higher level of regular guidance and communication to prepare for and
complete their first race. And, a 3.0 client can get weekly adjustments to the training plan, helpful for those with a dynamic schedule.

4.0 - The 4.0 plan is for those looking for frequent contact with a coach, including a meeting in person, along with unlimited phone/e-mail communication. This level is also appropriate for a complicated work/travel schedule that may need frequent adjustments, and/or an athlete with aggressive goals that wants more attention to details. This level is also perfect for training with power and heart rate, and the data analysis required for high-level goals. If possible, your coach will travel to “A” races. This level may also be used to have a team of
coaches working with the athlete.